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Robert C Bruce Charitable Trust


The Trust was created under the Will of Robert C Bruce who died at Wanganui in 1917.


Funding Objectives

Two types of grants are available.


Research grants

  • Grants may be made for research work directly related to forests and afforestation.
  • Research work must be clearly for the benefit of the public good of New Zealand rather than individual advancement.
  • Research work must be supported by and supervised by the educational institution the applicant attends.
  • Research work is to be carried out in New Zealand.
  • Successful applicants, on completion of their research work, are required to submit a resume of their thesis, not exceeding five pages in length.  An annual report on progress is required on research work exceeding one year.
  • The thesis should include an acknowledgement of support from the Robert C Bruce trust, proudly manged by Perpetual Guardian, as should any subsequent or alternative publications, and the Trust reserves the right to publicise support given to specific research work and applicants.
  • Grants can not be made for salary costs and course fees.


Project grants

  • Grants may be made for specific afforestation projects on public land and may include (but not limited to): 
  • Purchase of trees, plants and seedlings
  • Planting or replanting of forest or native bush
  • Planting, maintenance or research of State Forests, including forest fire fighting.
  • Grants can not be made for improvements of the nature or facilities of existing public forests or for wages.


Funding Amount and Time Frames

  • Applications to be considered as a recipient for funding are considered by Perpetual Guardian as Trustee of the Robert C Bruce Charitable Trust in consultation with an Advisory Committee presently compromising representatives from:
    • The Forestry Sector
    • Massey University
  • The next granting cycle will be from Monday 2nd December 2019 to Friday 27 March 2020.
  • The amount to be distributed this year is approximately $15,000.
  • All applications must be completed online.
  • The length of the assessment process is dependent on the volume of applications and all applicants are notified of the decision. During the assessment period, trustees may request further clarification from the applicant regarding their application.


Regrettably, due to the number of applications received, we are unable to provide detailed feedback on unsuccessful applications. Please note the decision of the Trustee is final and not subject to any appeals process.



Click on one of the following grant buttons to start your application.
Please ensure you select the correct button pertaining to the type of grant you are requesting:
The 'Research' button is for research grants
The 'Projects' button is for project grants

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